What is Niche Blogging? Niche Blogging Vs Multi Niche Blogging

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This is the 6th and last article of the 1st lesson (Basics of Blogging) in this post I'll tell you, What is Niche Blogging? and Advantages or Disadvantages of Niche Blogging and Multi-Niche Blogging. so, let's go for it.

What is Niche Blogging? Niche Blogging Vs Multi Niche Blogging

What is Niche Blogging?

Before we knew what Niche blogging is? let’s know what the word “niche” means. So do a Google search for this word ”Niche Meaning" it showed multiple results, let's have a look, what we got in.

“A special but profitable part of the market”

In other words, keeping the subject of blogging in mind, the following definition of niche blogging is.

"Blogging on a selected particular topic is called niche blogging"

For example, if you have a blog and you write blog posts about only food products on that blog and publish it, then you are a food blogger. Or we can say that you are blogging with “niche” (topic) Food. It is expected that with this definition, you have understood the meaning of niche blogging.
Now it’s reversed, multi-niche blogging, which is on trending nowadays. But there is a huge difference between these both. They also have different advantages and disadvantages. So let's know a bit about those things as well.

Advantages or Disadvantages of Niche Blogging.

Niche blogging is a benefit in itself. If you are interested only in a particular topic, then writing a lot of blog posts about that topic will be very easy for you. If we talk about making money from a blog, niche blogging is very beneficial for that. Now, how?

The traffic of the Niche blog is targeted. That traffic has just come to your blog to find the only thing that the prospect is interested in. You can set affiliate ads according to its relevancy.  The conversion rate on Niche blog is more than any other website. Another best advantage is niche sites always prefer the search engine than any other site.

If we look at the reduction, then one of the biggest shortages is that if we publish another topic on it, then it may have a negative impact.

Advantages or Disadvantages of Multi-Niche Blogging.

The most important advantage of multi-niche blogging is that you can target search engine traffic with any keyword you wish. There’s no restriction on you that you only can post a particular topic on your blog. Multi-niche sites are also beneficial for simple and static advertisements, for more impressions.
If we talk about its drawback so, the first thing is that multi-niche sites are not a good option for affiliate ads. You can not earn as much as niche sites from these sites,  even your multi-niche site traffic is more than that.
To rank these sites on the google search engine, then it has to compete strongly from niche sites.

Which of the following is better?

Niche or multi-niche blogging?

Either You choose niche blogging or multi-niche blogging just the difference is that niche blogging is more profitable than multi-niche blogging. It is also clear by the Advantages and disadvantages mentioned above that why niche blogging is, much better than multi-niche blogging.

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