How to Buy Hosting for Blog / Website in Just 5 Minutes

How to Buy Hosting for Your Blog in just 5 Minutes?  How to Buy Hosting for Blog / Website in Just 5 Minutes

When I started my blogging journey, I didn’t have any idea about WordPress hosting, domain name, and all this was equal to rocket science for me, An after a long time
using many self-hosted WordPress blogs (except Monetize India), Now I know that WordPress is one of the best and easiest platform for starting and learning to blog.
In this post, I’ll tell you guys that, how to purchase a WordPress hosting from Bluehost. 
Bluehost shared hosting is just perfect, and you can easily handle 20 thousand traffic per day on your blog. All you need these two things to start a new WordPress blog:



What's a great thing of Bluehost, It offers a free domain name with guard, so you don’t need an additional domain registrar to purchase a domain name? If you already have a domain name, then you can signup it with Bluehost, and you can use the free domain feature after.

>Click for Bluehost's SignUp<

Buying Web-hosting for your WordPress Blog.

Simply follow the Bluehost signup link above and you will be on the signup page of Bluehost.

On the next page all you need to choose the hosting package you want. Let me quickly tell you the major difference in all the three plans of Bluehost:

Starter hosting package:

This’s the cheapest, price $3.95 p/m* this plan offers you 100GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. this’s perfect if you’ve just planned to host a site.

Plus hosting package:

This’s the package that I would suggest you guys, because there’s a difference of $3 p/m* in the cost of the starter package, as this allows us to host all the features and unlimited sites as well. Moreover, unlimited resources are like icing on the cake.

Business Pro:

This package is great for businesses that require an SSL certificate.
This plan contains all the features of Plus Hosting and Dedicated I.P. There is also an SSL certificate and some other features. The cost of this package is $8, and you’ll get the right service that you are paying for.
This plan is for business and eCommerce sites. you should pick Plus Package for a WordPress blog or any informative kind of website.

Here you can compare all three plans below: 

Click on the plan below you’re preferred and on the next page, you can claim for your free domain. Or you can use any other current domain as well. You can use the free domain feature anytime.

You can buy a domain name from Bluehost (the first year is free), or you can add your existing domain name to "I have the domain name".

Now click on the Next button, and it’ll take you to your Bluehost Account information and payment gateway page. Fill all details, and make sure the details are accurate.

Select Bluehost Package, Now select the package you want to purchase. I recommend you to choose a three-year plan because you get this package at a minimum price of $6.95 p/m*
As Bluehost is an old and reliable WordPress hosting company, it is good to pay the investment, next time without renewal fees discounted.

When you are filling the package information column, if you want to store your website backup somewhere else, then uncheck the site backup pro.
Once you filled all the details, and make a payment through credit card or PayPal.
Once your payment is done, in a few minutes you’ll get the login details of your Bluehost account. Now log in to your Bluehost cPanel, and install WordPress on it.
If you still have a question about purchasing Webhosting, let me know by comments on the comment section below, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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