How to Buy A Good Domain Name for Your Blog / Website?

How to Buy A Good Domain Name for Your Blog / Website?

It was very difficult to get the domain name as per your choice because most popular and common words and other top-level domain names were already taken like  .com, .in, .org, .net, 
Find a perfect domain name extensions such as .mob, .co, .photo .online .travel, and more., depending on the type of your niche you can choose the appropriate domain name for your blog or website.
For example, you can choose the money. online domain name instead of Or choose instead of

Do not use Hyphens: (-)

If you are creating a niche blog and looking for a Keyword-Rich domain name then it is best to stay away from the domain names with hyphens. 
A few years ago, it was very easy to rank "hyphenated" domain name, but now it's not that easy. 
If you look at the current “Google Ranking System, then you can clearly understand that instead of using names included a hyphen, better to find another domain name.

 If you think to choose your domain name according to the niche so, this is not a great idea for those who are looking for domain names with words like "tech" / "hinditips” and "blog", for example - technicaltip, techblog, bloggingtips, etc. There are millions of blogs already using these names on the Internet. 
Just for this reason, it is best to choose a name that can be part of a unique brand for you in the future.
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