What is blogging? Answered FAQs for Newbies

Hello Everyone, Vikas this side, this is the first Post of our 1st Part (Basics of Blogging) in this post I’ll answer some questions people usually ask like.,

What is Blog?
What are the requirements to start a Blog?
What is the difference between a blog or a website?
What are the Benefits of having a blog?

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What is a Blog?

A blog is an online place where you can publish your thoughts on the internet through articles and images. On the blog, you can write any type of article that may or may not be related to your life.

Some people like to write about their tour on their blogs or about some of the experiences they want to share, or something special about their life. Some people also post things related to their knowledge on their blog like Technology, Photography, Traveling, Art&Craft, DIY, Gadgets review, etc.

What are the requirements to start a Blog?

Blogging does not require any type of qualification. You just have to have a computer/laptop,  an Internet Connection, and a perfect niche (topic) you want to share with your readers/visitors.

If you do not have your own computer/laptop then you can also go to the cyber cafe but having your own PC is more secure.

What are the Benefits of having a blog?

  • There is no need for any type of job because blogging is much better than any 9 to 6 academic jobs.

  • You can start your online business through blogs.

  • If you already have a business then you can get as many customers as possible.

  • You can grow your offline business through a blog. Yes, you can not just earn from the blog through the ads but you can promote your own business over here.

  • If you have huge traffic on your blog then you can earn from various ways like Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Paid do-follow links, selling e-books, and more.

  • You will get an author rating which is an honor.

  • You may be established as an expert in your field.

  • It can also increase your knowledge about SEO which is very important.

  • Your posts are easy to reach to people on your blog, and their views can also be accessed quickly through comments.

  • Money making as a blogger comes later, the first thing you can do is improve your writing skills.

  • People think that blog and website both are the same, but there is a bit difference between these, let's find out.

What is the difference between a blog or a website?

 A Blog:

  • Posts written in the blog are published according to the date, day, and time.

  • Posts in the blog are regularly published.

  • The blog contains the comment section for the Readers.

  • The blog has an RSS feed that the Visitors / Readers can subscribe too.

  • A blog can be part of a website.

     Example: - Monetize India, ShoutMeLoud, Labnol.

 A website:

  • The website's homepage is static

  • A website can be created for a variety of reasons, such as to sell the product, the Fan website for its followers, the Social or Chatting website, Shopping or e-Commerce website, to give information to your website visitors.

  • After the homepage on the website, there are other service pages which are all Static.

       Example: - Facebook, WWE, Alexa.

I hope the concept of blogging is more clear now if you still have any questions or any doubts about this you can comment below on the comment section I’ll answer all of your questions asap.

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