What is Common Web Hosting Packages?

Full Information about Common Web Hosting Packages


What is Common Web Hosting Packages

If you are going to work online, you may confuse the fact that what is Web-hosting type and its shared, VPS and managed to host packages mean.
In this post, I'm gonna tell you about the type of common hosting packages.
You will be reading many articles related to web hosting every day and if you are still confused to pick the right hosting package, then this post can be useful for you. In this post, I will explain in detail the common hosting packages.

Shared-Hosting package

There are two types of Shared hosting limited and unlimited. Hostgator offered two types of hosting packages Baby Plan and Business Plan.  Both of these hosting packages are quite different in features and prices!
Bluehost and Dreamhost offer only a shared hosting package with unlimited resources. if anybody trying to misuse an unlimited hosting package resource, these companies can delete their account at any time.
But it is also true that the limit of these companies is very high so you can't cross the limit that's why you do not face any problem with unlimited resources.
If you choose a Shared Hosting package of any company, then many websites like you'res already hosted on the server.
that means all the websites are hosted on an I.P and all those websites are given the same resources.
If you are a beginner blogger this could be the best option for your blog/website.
I will advise you that if you are planning to create a new blog, then Shared Hosting will be the best option for hosting your blog.

VPS: Virtual Private Server

If you use VPS hosting in your blog or your website, then it solves your website down issues very shortly.
If you use Virtual Private Server on your website, then it protects your website server from harm from the outside! This means there is no chance of hacking on your website.
Two types of VPS packages are mostly used in Virtual Private Server, first is Managed VPS and the other is unmanaged VPS.

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a great option for hungry websites and web apps.
If you will take a Dedicated hosting plan for your blog or website, you’ll a lot of space and bandwidth with it. If the traffic of your website is growing day by day, you should immediately transfer your website to the Dedicated Server.
If you have to host your website on a Dedicated Server, you can control the aspects of your website.
Your Website's loading in the Dedicated Server is fast. When you migrate your blog/website to a Dedicated Server plan, the traffic of your website is growing very fast. Website traffic increases very fast, but if you transfer your website to a Dedicated Server There is no risk of suspending your account along with this, your website does not lose customers. Dedicated Server also offers two types of packages.
Which are known as managed and unmanaged dedicated server plan? The hosting packages I have told about, all are great. You can choose any of these according to your price and need.

If you have any questions about any of these hosting packages, then you can ask by commenting below. Along with this, I will also be happy to know that on which companies hosting your website hosted with??

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