WordPress or Blogger Which Platform Best?

A very congratulation to all we've completed our first Part (Basics of Blogging) with essential and effective post articles.
This is a milestone, we've learned a lot of important things which improved your basic knowledge of blogging if you're constantly reading our post article from the beginning (How to start a blog)

This is our first post of the 2nd part (Setup Blogging) in this post we’ll learn WordPress or BlogSpot: Which Platform Should we Choose for blogging? Advantages or Disadvantages of Blogger and the Advantages or Disadvantages of WordPress.

WordPress or Blogger Which Platform Best?

WordPress or BlogSpot, Which platform should you choose?

First of all, If we talk about the right platform to start blogging, we’ve many options to choose such as Blogspot (Blogger), WordPress, Tumblr, and a lot more.
These two blogging platforms WordPress and BlogSpot (Blogger) are used most worldwide.

Many people like BlogSpot due to fewer tech hassles,
at the same time, people like WordPress for its multiple features and power.
My recommendation is that always start with a blogger for a few months, and once when you understand blogging than you can create your self-hosted WordPress platform blog. You can use Blogger as it is free but does not stick to it for a lifelong.

I just want to say that you should start your initial blogging career with BlogSpot (Blogger.com) then after when you are confident about your content then you can migrate your blog into WordPress blog like my this blog "Monetize India" (monetizeindia.com) is still in Blogspot but in a couple of months, I'll migrate it into self-hosted WordPress.

In this article, I’ll share with you a quick comparison between WordPress and BlogSpot and I'll tell you which platform you should use in which conditions.

Blogspot, Why, and why not?

BlogSpot (Blogger) platform is very beneficial when you want to create a blog, just to share your thoughts and experience.

When you do not blog to make money, you just need a platform that doesn’t have any technical knowledge, then only  BlogSpot (Blogger) can be the right pick for you.

If we talk about the terms of Functionalities or SEO benefits, there are too many limitations in BlogSpot (Blogger), but at the same time, if you want a free platform with 0 costs, BlogSpot is a perfect choice.

At the same time, if you blogging for making money, getting fame or your own branding, then BlogSpot is not the ideal choice of course!

I’ve read this many times that BlogSpot (Blogger) is Google's platform, its SEO has more effective, but it's a rumor. It’s really doesn’t matter exactly which platform do you use, whether it is WordPress or BlogSpot (Blogger), or any other, SEO all just that, how you configure and customize your site for the search engine.

We’ve limited control in the BlogSpot platform but still, the Blogger platform is great than WordPress platform only then when you are creating a blog to following your passion, and you are happy with the limited features of this.

WordPress, Why, and why not?

WordPress provides you the complete control of your blog, or you can technically able to do whatever you want from your website. You get complete control on SEO, you can host your own file on it, you can activate SEO plugins, which makes your site SEO friendly, or can always add the latest SEO techniques such as star rating, authorship, and lot more.

WordPress gives you the freedom to do whatever you want from your site but at the same time, for that first, you have to install WordPress on your server and maintain the blog. These things are more technical, but because of good support from the WordPress community, you can learn everything with very ease.

If you are creating a blog, thinking that you have to make it a popular blog and make money from it, then you should create a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you’re a part-time writer or a passionate blogger, then BlogSpot (Blogger) is the right pick for you.

If we talk about SEO default installation, then both are the same WordPress's default WordPress installation isn’t SEO friendly, but you can make it SEO friendly by using some powerful plugins. 

BlogSpot platform is also good if you want a simple and easy to operate a blog, and WordPress is amazing if you want to do dynamic and pro blogging, or you want to create a business blog and earn money from your it.

Which platform do you prefer? And why? Any questions? or Advice? anything else? Please comment below on the comment section and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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