How to Earn from WhatsApp Viral Script - Earn Upto $50 - $100 Daily

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Vikas this side, Guys as you know, Earning via Wishing Viral Script on WhatsApp is trending nowadays. So, in this post, I'll tell you how to Make a kind of website and earn from that.

How to Earn from WhatsApp Viral Script - Earn Upto  $50 - $100 Daily

In which we get a message on WhatsApp,  with a hipper link.👆🏻 After clicking on it, It’ll ask for your name, once you put your name an animated Wishing Interface will open with your name it also contains some absence Ad and WhatsApp share button to forward towards your family, friends or other WhatsApp groups.

Do you have any idea how much they earn from it?
Once any festival greeting website gets viral on WhatsApp, The owner of these websites easily earn  $50 to $100  daily.

If you use WhatsApp, you will surely have such messages, If you want to make similar festive greetings and wish to earn a lot of money, then read this post till the end, In this post, you’ll learn to make kind of WhatsApp Wishing script  with the help of Blogspot (Blogger)


Demo Script By:- Monetize India

For Example, I am gonna make a festival greeting for Indian Independence Day, but you can make any festival greeting by editing it.

 Make Festival Script Site on Blogger: 

I hope you've seen the script demo of Independence day at above. To make a Similar site follow the steps below.

Step 1: First go to or log in with your Gmail ID.

Step 2: Now, you have to create a new blog, to creating a blog on blogger is very easy. Follow the steps below

You can create a blog with any name you want (depends on availability) but make sure that you'll make it for the festival reason so keep a little bit name of the festival (If the fest. name isn't available then)  

Step 3: After coming to the blog's dashboard, go to the theme. Then select 2nd Template in Contempo.

Step 4: To apply the template click on the (Apply to Blog) button.

Step 5: Now at the bottom of the page, click on Revert to Classic themes.

Step 6: Now delete the code before the template and enter the following script code.

Off NavBar

Delete the code completely, then past the following Wishing script code. Whatever the necessary editing before entering the code must be done.

After entering the code, click on the Save Theme button.

Now click on View blog, BoOM!! Your blog is ready.

How to make Independence Day Wishing website Script
You have seen the whole process above. Now, let's know how to edit the script code before putting on the blog.

If you want to use this script for some other festival, then you can also do, simply you just have to change some of its code, which is very easy.

 Independence Day Wishing Script Html Code:  ↓↓

Copy this code and past it on your Blogger theme.

 Edit the Wishing Script Code: 

Replace Website URL:

In this code you'll find Website URL two times, just
replace this website URL with your blog URL.

Ad Code Placement:

<! - Ad Code Enter Here ->
<! - Ad Code 2 Enter Here ->

Find the above code ⬆︎ by Control + F and These codes are given twice in this code you will see another AdSense code here, replace these with your Adsense code. Both of these ads will appear together above and below.

Add Music on your Wishing Script:

<! - Background MP3 sound ->

Find the above code ⬆︎ on it and replace this code with any MP3 code you like or you can delete this if you don't want any music here!

How much traffic visit your site:

To know how many people visit your site daily, Put the Google Analytics code below it ↓

<! - Google Analytics Code here ->

Write the Wishing Message here:

<! - Wish Message Here ->:

Type your wishing message here! ⬆︎
Replace with the older one. (Wishing Message depends on the Festival) 

Image Replacement:

You can also change any of the images from the script. If you want  an image then replace its URL with your new image URL

To get the URL of Any Image, follow these steps ↓

Create a new post on your blogger >
Insert the image from your Computer/Laptop>
Move to HTML section on page>
Copy the URL of your Image>

Or you can also get Image URL like this 

If you want to use the script for any other festival other than Independence Day then also edit these codes  in the script.
After doing all the codes editing, copy it and past on your Blogger Template and then save it. 

 How to Viral the Wish Script Website: 

You have successfully made a Wish website. But if you want to earn from that then your work is not over yet. You have to make your website viral.

Viral your website, do a google search for WhatsApp groups related Wishing Festival topic, you'll get the bunch WhatsApp groups on it.  you have to create a separate account on WhatsApp. Join more and more groups and share the links with them. 

Guys, If you like this information then, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. And If you've any doubt, then you can comment below on the comment section.

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I need your personal number for help....can uh btw i liked your post
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