How to use the WordPress Dashboard?

How to use the WordPress Dashboard?

How to use the WordPress Dashboard?

We have installed WordPress and have also set-up some important settings after installing WordPress now we'll learn how to use WordPress Dashboard.

By login into WordPress, you'll see the WordPress Dashboard on the top. Through WordPress Dashboard we make changes to our websites, such as Blog Posting, Inserting Images, using the WordPress Theme to give your website a new look, that's why we also know WP Dashboard as Backhand of Website.

However, our website looks on the internet, It's all we manage by the WordPress Dashboard, and whatever the changes we do on it, They all apply to our website.

If you can manage WP Dashboard well, that means you can easily create any website. This is easy to use and anyone can easily operate the website through it.

To visit your website, Go to the My blog > at the upper left side, click on Visit Site > on the WordPress Dashboard. 
Now whatever changes you do on your site, you can see this way.

For the Profile Setting in the WordPress Dashboard, click on Edit My Profile > at the top right on admin, now you can set your profile picture and create a new password too.

Themes & Categories

First of all, know what is the theme? Theme means the design of your website, In the first look, you will see a post Hello world on your website, it is a default post of WordPress.
WordPress gives you a lot of free themes, you can select of your choice. If you are a blogger, you should select blogging related themes, but you have to keep in mind that, what kind of bloggers you are?

Now let's find out how to select the theme on the WordPress Dashboard. for that all you need to do is click to the Appearance > and then Themes > like the screen below ↓

In which some themes have already been given, just clicking on the Add New > Than go to the search bar and search for your niche (Topic) type you want, For example - Blogging, Technology, Photography, Traveling, Art&Craft, DIY, Food blog, etc. Or if you already know a theme you want you can search for it, As I have searched TRAVELIFY in the screen below ↓ 

Now you have to click on install, it'll take you to another screen below ↓ then click on Activate it, All the settings of this theme will be applied on the website. 
You can visit there by the Visite Site >

So, we learned how to install themes. Now we'll know about the categories.

If you write various types of the blog post on your website, then it is very important for you to categorize it, For example: If you write mobile and it's related blogs, then you can put it in Mobile & Tech Categories, Just like this if you write about The blogs or WordPress, Then you can put it in Blogging categories, Or you write about the stock market information blog so you can put it in the share market categories. It means you have to create categories according to the niche  (Topic) of your blog so that the readers can easily on the right section, If you write the various type of blog post on the same website, then it is very important to put them in certain categories.

Now we know how we can make categories on our website, follow the screen given below ↓

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