How to Write in our First Blog Post?

So finally you decided to live a Boss free life! where no one can order you what to do and how to do, Where you do what you like, Where you earn by smart work instead of doing hard work, Where you earn more than you deserve, If I sum-up in one line so, I would say - Where you Become Your Own Boss!!

How to Write in our First Blog Post?

This is what we all want, am I right or not?? And you know such freedom and luxuries can get us through blogging.
Once you’ve set up your blog then all you have to write some unique posts. Your first blog post really meters because it shows How you’re going to do on your blog. 
If you do anything wrong then you’ll fail in your online career. But if you correct everything here you then will get success.

You don't need to do anything special just keep in mind that after reading your first post, the visitor wishes to visit again on your blog. But with great regret, it has to say that this really doesn’t work at all.

A bitter truth is that if you fail some of your initial blog readers to make a regular visitor, you lose them forever for sure.
So, in this post, you’ll know how to write your first effective blog post.

Important things we should write in our first blog post?

For bloggers who just started blogging, there are some things that they should mention in their first blog post.

Who are you?

If I’ve to believe in you and bookmark your blog on my pc then at least I should know about you that who you are.
You want to deeply connect with people. Tell them, What are your experiences in your life?, Is this your first blog? And a few more things about your blog.
The more you share about yourself, the more people will know about you.
Using only words will not help you, You must post some of your images on your blog
Never hide behind the keywords:

If you put your picture on your blog then it increases your authenticity and so that your readers can trust your blog.
Share with your readers everything they want to know about you. The more information you share, the easier it’ll be for your readers to connect with you...

Why do you blogging?

The most important point is If people do not know why you are blogging then they do not make any sense to believe in you.
Answer this question below: ↓ (Ask yourself)

Why would anyone come to your blog? 

What would anyone be looking for on your blog? 

What will happen to your reader on your blog?

You have to share with your audience that what you are doing on your blog and why? Than everyone appreciates this. And as a result, they can connect with you.

What topic are you going to start?

Tell your audience what can they expect from your blog in the future? and also ask your audience what they’ll find on your Blog.
It would be great to write in the blog post that how long you’ll update your blog. Also, add a schedule for publishing your post.
Don’t create such a blog where you can post anything at any time. All you have to keep in mind that your blog concentration in a particular niche, it’ll increase the popularity of your site and your audience too.

Don’t forget to write about your targeted traffic in your first post.
This will hint your audience that you’ll be able to solve the problems they came to find solutions on your blog.
Start with an emotional attachment and always try to build a belief with your audience that you’re blogging for them. 

How can your audience connect with you?

Don’t forget to tell your readers at the end of the post that how they can stay in touch with you.

Do you encourage comments?

If your audience has any questions about the topic you posted then how can they ask?
Your audiences can also be annoyed if they don’t believe in you, so do something that gives you great feedback.
If you’re free to answer the questions of readers at any fixed time of the week, then you can tell that particular time.

Write your blogging goals.

Whatever you expect to your blog or what you want to accomplish through your blog, you can write it in your first blog post.
If you share your goals with your audience, then this will increase transparency between you and your readers, and the authority of your blog also increases.
When you write about your goals in your blog post then, your audience helps you to achieve your goals asap.

Write your Introduction to your blog.

Just starting a blog isn’t always the main thing, you also need to know that what is the right way to start it, If you add (All above things I mentioned in this post) in your first blog post, then you're doing a great start.
Make sure that your readers know that you’re open-minded, honest, and a passionate blogger.
Tell me what’s your opinion about what should a blogger add on his/her first blog post?
Your Idea about things we must add to our first blog post? I will wait for your comments in the comment section below.

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