Top 50 Best idea to start Micro Niche Blog / Website - 2019 (Rank)

Best idea to start Micro Niche Blog/Website.

In this post, I'm going to share with you guys "Top 50 Best Idea to start Micro Blogging." These are high CPC Keywords
so that you make high revenue from Micro Niche Blog. 
First Let's know what Micro Blog Is? Micro Niche blog/Website is the best way to earn some extra income while doing full-time blogging or anything you do.
Micro Niche Blog is different than any Niche Blog or Multi Niche Blog. It's all based on a specific topic with targeted keyword. 
These Blog/websites don't exactly get a huge traffic but they tend to earn more money in minimum traffic.
You can easily earn $100 to $ 150 daily through micro-blogging without even publishing a daily post on your blog/site.,  Yes! It sounds interesting and It's possible too. and another advantage kind of websites is it's easy to rank on google. 
You can earn life-long doing one time working hard. 
To be very honest, Creating a Micro Niche Blog is not that easy. You need to work hard to Start and Setup your site.  
Let's make it easy! I've mentioned below some important things you have to keep in mind before starting your Micro Blog 

Important things before start Micro-Blogging.

  • Choose the Domain related your (Niche) topic.
  • Keyword Research & Plan your Content
  • Choose High CPC Keywords
  • Set-up your site smartly
  • choose SEO friendly theme/templates
  • Your Site Theme should be AMP friendly as well. 
  • WordPress or Blogger (BlogSpot) Any platform you can choose.
  • Monetize with Adsense or to getting Higher revenue.
  • Create Social Media Page for your Blog/site
  • Place Social Share Button on your site.
  • You must work on SEO to rank your site.

Some High CPC Keywords:

  • Mobile Application

  • Online Govt. Job Post

  • Insurance

  • Books

  • Mobile Application

  • Instagram Caption

  • Weight loosing tips

  • Sports Topic

  • Games

  • Astrology

  • Gymming and Exercise

  • Houses and Flats design

  • Grooming

  • Discovery

  • Free Wallpaper site

  • Quotes

  • Watches

  • Jewelry

  • Politics

  • Festival Special

  • Apple iPhone

  • Musical Instrument

  • Website for kids

  • Real Estate

  • Share Market

  • Mutual Funds

  • Blood Donate

  • Software

  • Credit Card

  • Computer Science/Coding

  • Domain

  • Animals and Pets

  • Celebrity Biography

  • IPL (Indian Premier League) 

  • Self Defence

  • DIY Projects

  • Ghost-hunting

  • Play Guitar

  • Photography

  • Fashion and Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Personal Development

  • Life Hacks

  • Entertainment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • TV Shows

  • Web-Hosting

  • Comedy

  • Magic

  • Electronics

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