How to Create a Micro Niche Site? & Earn $ 200/month

Guys, If you want to know about Micro Niche Site and how to make money from it, then you should read this till the end. Here I’ve described the complete process of earning $200/month by creating a micro-niche site.

usually, we’ve to work hard to make a quality blog or website and maintaining any blog is also not that easy, you need to give your time, have to update post article regularly and also have to patience but, in micro-niche site, we just have a proper planning with a perfect strategy. Once you have created your micro niche blog and you just have to wait, until your payment transferred to your bank A/c.
Yes! me dear friends If you want quick wealthy by blogging then, Micro Niche Blog could be the best option for you, 
You can earn a good amount every month by Monetizing your site. In this post, I'm going to share with you the complete guide to earn money by developing a micro-niche site, so without wasting any more time lets go for it...

What is Micro Niche Blog?

If you do blog, you may hear the word “Niche”. 
When creating a blog on any particular subject or topic, It’s called Niche Blogging. For Example:- Android App Downloading site.
 In Mob App site you can link any android application downloading button, write some post about that particular application like this ↓↓

Micro Niche Blog is a Micro topic/keyword of Niche for example - IPL.
IPL (Indian Primmer league) is a micro topic/keyword of Games Niche.

Mostly there’re 5 to 10 posts in Micro niche blog. This kind of blogs created for specific traffic then after you can monetize your blog via Adsense,, Affiliate Ads more…
Another advantage is kind of blog is you can earn more by selling E-books, Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship etc.

Why should we create Micro Niche Blog?

Micro Niche Blog’s keyword rank on Google better and faster than any normal blog. If you can create a niche blog/site and write some good SEO Optimize post, then you can rank your blog/site on the first page on google search engine.
Micro Niche Blog/Sites are preferable for passive income, once you have done your blog then you don’t need to work hard, It’ll keep you earning lifelong without working constantly.

How to choose a perfect niche for Micro Blog.

You should choose the blog topic which you can extend well. And at the same time, you have to keep in mind that the topic should be very popular among people, and they search on the Internet about it. To earn from your micro niche blog you should get a huge traffic from American and European visitors, this gives you more CPC.

Top 50 Best Idea to Start Micro Niche Blog/Website - 2018 (Rank)

Do not start any blog without Researching Keywords.

First of all, search any topic which people wants to know for a long time, these type of topic helps you to get more traffic & good CPC. so don’t start working on any blog/site without researching the keywords. In micro niche site your keyword all maters.

write the blog content that can also get a good traffic. So you can easily understand how to choose the topics or what are its advantages.

you can use SEMRUSH tool for researching the keywords, to choose a perfect keyword topic, all you need to make a list of your good ranked published post. by using the semrush tool. It can’t just research the perfect keyword but also you’ll get an idea of keyword’s which gives you good worth. For that, you need to write at least 10-12 posts on it.

You’ll have to pay a special attention to the fact that you write a post every day. there will be high-quality posts on your blog. On such topics, you will surely get traffic in 5-6 months.

Some important things to keep in mind

  • Choose the Domain related your Niche.
  • Research the Keyword well, before Starting any blog.
  • Choose High CPC Keyword only.
  • Set-up your site perfectly.
  • Choose SEO friendly theme/templates for your blog.
  • Your Site Theme should be AMP friendly as well. 
  • WordPress or Blogger (BlogSpot) Any platform you can choose.
  • Monetize with Adsense or to getting Higher revenue.
  • Create Social Media Page for your Blog or website.
  • Place Social Share Button on your site.
  • You must work on SEO to rank your site.
  • Make your Blog SEO optimize.
  • Create quality posts using perfect keywords.
  • If possible then, make YouTube videos and link them to your blog.
  • Submit Sitemap to Google and Bing both.
  • Design a charming logo

If you ever created a WordPress blog then it’ll be easy for you, after creating a blog your all power is your content, for that you need to add some tools. In the given list we've shared some of important plugins and tools.

  • First of all, you will need web hosting.
  • You must buy a premium fast loaded theme.
  • Some  Powerful WordPress plugins -Yoast SEO Plugin for SEO
  • Akismet - To Avoid Spam comments
  •  SmushIt - To reduce image size
  • PubSubHubbub - to blog posts quickly submitted in search
  • WP Super Cache - to increase the speed of the blog
  • try to complete your blog in less hard work, and it would be able to monetize you as well.
  • You should work hard to get organic traffic in less effort so that earnings come faster and grow too.

Make the Social Media Profile of your blog.

To creating the social media profile will be the benefit for you and you have to update your content regularly on it. 
Share your content by creating a profile on Facebook and Google Plus. This will gives you the hundred percent organic traffic, Which improve the search rank of your blog.

Affiliate Marketing through Adsense.

You can place AdSense ads on it and also can start affiliate marketing.
By spending a little amount you will be able to make thousands of dollars per annum. This kind of blogs you can creates benefits for you and it'll increase your earnings as well.

Guys, If you have any question regarding “Micro Niche Blog” then comment below on the comment section.

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