How to Increase 100% Real Followers on Instagram 2019

Want to become Insta famous? You want to Increase Real Followers on your Instagram?  If Yes!! then read this post till the end, In this post, I'm gonna tell you guys the Best Ever Way to Increase your IG Followers in the flow!

Hey everyone!

Vikas Biswas this side, I consider my self, kind of social friendly person and If you're too.. then you'll surely relate., As we all know that Instagram is the most growing platform nowadays, And it has left behind Facebook, Snapchat, and other social networks, maybe because of its features! In such a way who doesn't want famous on Instagram? but the reason to become famous on Instagram can be different. Well, it all depends on your preference, why you want to gain followers! 
In my case "Being a blogger, I always wanted to connect with more people so that I can scale up the reach of my content with maximum people.
There are many Apps & Websites are available on the internet to gain IG followers but, all they are sort term followers or you can say they are fake followers! However, you'll gain instant follower with this way but, because It's against of IG policies guideline so you may lose your IG Account so, I wouldn't recommend you to ever try these tricks. 
Unlike this we have lots of other fastest ways to increase IG followers but all they are Paid.
Now! According to the Instagram Algorithm, These few steps can increase your 100% Real followers without any risk. and if you try these steps below↓↓  you'll constantly gain followers for life-long.

How To Get Instagram Followers! Step By Step Guide 100% Safe.

Optimize your Instagram Account.

To make an attractive Instagram Account, it is most important to do the proper settings of your IG Account such as your Account type settings/profile bio / correct size of your Profile Picture / your location Settings / your "contact us" settings and all...

Convert into a Business Account.

You'll get your account type "Personal" by default. First, you need to turn this into Instagram "Business Account" while converting into business A/c they'll ask to connect with your Facebook Page. If you already have then its great!  If not then it'll automatically create your FB Page from your Instagram edit profile dashboard, There you have to select some details such as category or sub-category.

Write a Creative Instagram Bio.

I personally think! that your profile bio enhance overall how your Instagram page looks like, so make sure your Instagram Page Bio should creatively write and it looks attractive so that visitors get easily convince to follow you. 

Use Bio URL Feature. 

Your bio-URL indicates how professional you are? If you have a blog, website, youtube channel, or business page, then you can integrate these links into your bio URL and if you do not have then you can also set your Facebook Profile or Page link in it.

Create a Theme and set Story Highlight Covers.

If we talk about your IG Profile look, I think If you'll follow any particular theme that would be profitable for you and also you can enhance your page look by setting up some designing highlight covers. 

Instagram Highlight Cover

Upload Only Quality Pictures.

Your Pictures and Videos are the main content you serve towards your visitors, keep in mind that your videos and pictures contain good pixel and well cropped and of course, it according to your theme as I mentioned above. ↑↑

Write Engaging Captions.

After Images the second thing which matters the most is your picture's caption, your caption should be related to pictures. so, write your caption as long as you can write and at the above or at the last in the caption ask your visitors to follow you by mentioning your username.

eg:  Follow → @vikas_biswas

these things I mentioned above is all about how your IG profile look like so that when people watch your posts or visit your profile; because you well maintained your profile they'll immediately follow you. 
Now I'll tell you how you can externally increase your followers!

Join Instagram Engagement Groups.

To join IG groups on Facebook can be the best tactics for beginner through this you can get fast access on the profile. here you can easily find engagement groups such as travel, poetry, beauty, fashion, blogging and lot more. by following these groups, you can easily get real and Active followers, But If you want to continue it for longer than you must return the favor by following the Instagram pages of your group members. 
I have gained more than 2k followers in the last couple of weeks by using this strategy. This trick is one of the best ways to make instant real followers on Instagram and it's better than any short-term strategy for gaining initial followers.  Click here to Join

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Regularly Post

Your all steps and initiative of gaining followers on Instagram may freeze! once you stop posting regularly. When you post on regular bases IG Algorithm considers you as an active IG user they automatically push your content towards public recommendations so, don't stop posting, post at least twice a day...

Keep Follow, Like and Comments.

Just like a regular post you also contently like peoples Photos&Videos and comments too.
Try to Participate in massively popular conversations and appreciate peoples work.
you should comment funny, educational, or intellectual stuff, and of course, don't hesitate to follow your followers, Interact with your Followers, and also follow you're suggested friends by Instagram.

Use Relevant Hashtags. (#tag)

If you haven't use the hashtag in your caption till now! then let me tell you #hashtag is one of the epic features of Instagram if you use some targeted and relevant #hashtags on your caption you'll surely get the result from your first #tag post.

Create your own hashtags of your username it might help you to viral your stuff on IG search

Follow the #hashtags of profession you pursue on IG, like I'm a blogger and I want to follow some more people in the same profession so I'll follow #blogger, #indianblogger #tachblogger #makemoneyonline etc.

These are some ever trending #hashtags of Instagram copy it all from here and paste on your notepad. Use these #Hashtags in your upcoming post for the great result.

#follow #followme #followback #followforfollow #follow4follow #followers #followher #follower #followhim #followbackteam #followall #followbackalways #follows #following #followgram #followalways #tagblender #followstagram #followshoutoutlikecomment #follownow #followus #followmefollowyou #followmeplease #followbackinstantly #f4f #followmeback #followyou #followforlike #ifollowback #ifollow #love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #igers #girl #beautiful #instadaily #summer #monetize_india #monetizeindia #vikas_biswas #vikasbiswas #instagramhub #iphoneonly #follow #igdaily #bestoftheday #happy #picstitch #tagblender #jj #sky #nofilter #fashion #followme #fun #sun #love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #igers #girl #beautiful #instadaily #summer #monetize_india #monetizeindia #vikas_biswas #vikasbiswas #instagramhub #iphoneonly #follow #igdaily #bestoftheday #happy #picstitch #tagblender #jj #sky #nofilter #fashion #followme #fun #sun

Increase Instagram Followers from 0 to 10k

Guys If you follow these above steps I can assure you that you'll get huge real followers in less time. These way I described, are the genuine way of getting Instagram followers., Now I'll tell you how you can increase your follower from 0 to 10K in a few days!
for this, you need to wait for my next post. 

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  3. Thanks for sharing this article here about Instagram. Your article is very informative and I will share it with my other friends as the information is really very useful. Keep sharing your excellent work. instagram management agency